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Snow Runoff: West Bountiful has an effective canal system through the city that carries snow runoff. We are not expecting significant flooding this year but will make sandbags available beginning March 27, at the public works parking lot next to city hall for residents to fill, if desired. 


Google Fiber

Google Fiber is here! Construction is underway to install conduit and fiber throughout the city. Work began on the south end of the city and will move northwards through the winter. What you should expect to see:

  • Lots of paint in the road – utility companies will be marking their existing lines, and Google Fiber will paint their plans prior to trenching.
  • Contractors – Google Fiber’s primary installation crew is SCI.  You’ll see lots of their trucks and equipment.
  • Door Hangers and No Parking. Google Fiber uses a shallow trenching system that is very fast. Before they get to your street you will get a door hanger explaining more about what to expect. A day or two before they come through, they will mark the area with no-parking zones. 
  • Limited disturbance to landscaping. Most of the work will be in the street, but there will be some improvements placed in the park strips. As the weather warms, landscape restoration crews will repair park strips and front yards that have been disturbed.

If you have any concerns/problems contact Google Fiber’s construction phone line at 877-454-6959.

If you have questions about Google Fiber services call their Customer support at (866) 777-7550, or online support: