Community Development and Engineering

The Community Development and Engineering department handles the following:

Community Development includes Planning & Zoning; Business Licensing - Commercial, Home Occupation, Solicitors, Temporary Permits, and Beer Licenses; Building Permit review, approval, and inspections; Yard regulations including building setbacks and height; Conditional and Permitted uses by zone; General Plan; Moderate Income Housing planning; Zoning maps; Planning Commission support, and Enforcement of city ordinances (that do not require police intervention).

Engineering includes facilities and/or public works design & planning, design standards, road design, new construction building permit review and inspections, FEMA flood potential information.

City Engineer, Land Use Administrator

Kris Nilsen

Phone: (801) 292-4486, ext 108
Email: [email protected]

Community Development, Planning & Zoning, Business Licensing, Building Permits

Cathy Brightwell

Phone: (801) 292-4486, ext 103
Email: [email protected]

Utility Billing, Building Permits & Business Licensing Support

Mindi Tullis

Phone: (801) 292-4486, ext 100
Email: [email protected]

Community Development Support

Phone: (801) 292-4486, ext 105

Building Inspections & Plan Review

Jon Hansen

Sunrise Engineering

Phone: 1-800-560-6151
Cell: (801) 660-9438 Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm